The Art of Roger Jordan

Art begins with an arousal -- a flash of color, line and form; a look in someone’s eye; a penetration of the commonplace by something extraordinary. Extraordinary things are hidden in plain sight, they become visible when we open to them. Art is metamorphosis as well as discovery: I see, touch, imagine; I meet the landscape, the people; I become, for a time, that landscape, those people.

I struggle to bring the moment into a shape that has the wonder of the first glimpse and extends and reveals itself beyond what I had imagined. The process continues when the work touches, provokes, or disturbs someone else. Then it has a life of its own and moves out beyond me. I love watching that.

In photography I enter the flash of the moment, the raw flicker of fleeting time, and for that long instant time stops passing. The work opens my eyes: each day I see more beauty and strangeness in the world.

In painting the work provokes me -- I sink my teeth in, chew on it, tear at its meat and sinew even as it gnaws on me. Painting is tactile,messy, and intimate, bound up with time and patience, with striving and allowing. The work is an embrace followed by a conversation, and the new emerges from that relationship.